34 Facebook

34 Facebook. Rock would love to play with this guy!

Nikita already ready stands to Lady D’s shoulders and she has terraformed the Western borders of Tuturutu!

Nikita (6 months) and Brian(not saying)nose

Nikita’ Klan

This is a photo of Nikita’s Clan.  Her Father (Bronco) is top left, facing forward.

Pack O' Filas

We have a new princess to the Realm of Tuturutu!  Her name is Nakita and she is only 5 months old!N posing

Looks can be deceiving, she already is a small pony.

Don’t know why but the big deal around Tuturutu is the launch of the new gaming website Live Casinos.  My claws don’t work so well on those keyboards but check it out at http://www.LiveCasinos.com they said Lady D did a good job.

The Rock


A friend of our took this recently, how relaxing, this is about a 90 minute drive  West from Tuturutu