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So where is Rock?

I took my camera and began my search for Rock and what did i find?


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Only 3 of us left here that could be to blame, and I know it was not me I was away from the house and the granite plain, let’s see where the lady of the house is:

This is me Mr. B and I know I was not to blame.

This is Lady D, the lady of the house and she also was in the office at the time. She too is is in the clear.

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Mr. B investigates:

I am Mr. B and I live in the  in the house with Lady D and that was my sock:  I took my camera and searched out the other two possible culprits and this is what I found:



This is Bo, an 8 year old Pug who was locked in the house at the time of the incident, Bo is innocent of leaving a gift on my sock.



This is Ms. Ginger, she also was in the house with Bo, she too is cleared.

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Rock always says “put your clothes away, don’t leave them laying on the granite plains”.  So sometimes he has to leave a reminder:

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