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We had not seen The Rock for at least a week and not even his usual signs.  Sure enough Dhel just found him beside the treadmill and a huge pile, I cannot believe it.  He must of just snuck in because i did 3.5 miles on the tread mill this morning and neither he nor his gift was there.  How he can sneak into the house while Dhel and I have been here all day, me outside and her in is just amazing.


Mr. B


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Our Green Beans

Jack is not the only one with magic beans, we bought a couple small green bean plants for the Realm and planted them and they grew ok and produced a few long beans but not enough for a casserole.  So we dried the beans and planted them and in one day they broke dirt, in three days the were several inches tall and this was a little after a month:

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Words cannot describe how good home made muffins made from your own bananas.  These were made from the last bunch we harvested from the grassy plains of Tuturutu.

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