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So some friends of ours got us some Bird of Paradise seeds while they were traveling in Portugal so this morning Lady D and I prepared to plant the seeds.  We set up all the seed pots and filled them with a nice special potting mixture and I had all the pots lined up for seeding because Lady D has the magic touch.  She opens the rather large seed package and…

Bird of Paradise seedsTalk about PRESSURE!  The future of Portuguese Bird of Paradise on the Island of Curacao is in Lady D’s hands.  Game On!  Thank you Michael and Diane we are up to the challenge and will keep all of you apprised.

PS: The other 12 seed pots I had prepped now contain banana peppers, green beans (from our own bean plants) and i think another pepper type.

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The thermometer may say 84 but the feels like indicator says 94 and the UV index is at 10+ extreme which is the highest rating.  This means u should stay out of the sun especially at the hottest point of the day.  Of course that means Mr. B and Miss Ginger dove into the big blue sea right around 2 oclock, and boy was that refreshing.

Now some people get confused when people refer to the island of Curacao as The Rock and even think it was named after the benevolent ruler of the realm of Tuturutu but the truth be told it was called The Rock long before there were any rulers.  You see Curacao is a semi arid or near desert environment and can go many months without rain with mostly cactus growing wild in the countryside.  During this time there is alot of dry rock around and the name kind of stuck.

Fortunately the Realm is built above a natural Aqueduct that captures the water and provides the land with a natural spring with the assistance of an electrical deep well pump.

Enjoy all!

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