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I am tired of getting caught

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Well its March 26th, spring is in bloom and once again The Rock is in trouble.  Twice on Saturday he was caught roaming in the back of the house, the only place in the entire realm of Tuturutu he is not allowed to go and he was caught not once but twice by Mr. B.  Well boys and girls we know what happened next:

For now rock is locked out of the restricted area, the big blue water and the surrounding lands.

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Mr. B investigates:

I am Mr. B and I live in the  in the house with Lady D and that was my sock:  I took my camera and searched out the other two possible culprits and this is what I found:



This is Bo, an 8 year old Pug who was locked in the house at the time of the incident, Bo is innocent of leaving a gift on my sock.



This is Ms. Ginger, she also was in the house with Bo, she too is cleared.

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