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Happy Easter to all!

I hope everybody has a great Easter Weekend, in the Caribbean we handle Easter a little bit more casualy then other parts of the world.  But most  people still get dressed up all fancy and go to church and after church gather somewhere to celebrate at a friends house, the beach or the countryside.  Now they don’t go all weird and have the Ladies all were big fancy hats like in other places we here about but they do put on a show in their own way.

Now you would think there would be lots of bunny rabbits living in the lush parts of the Realm of Tuturutu but believe it or not as long as we have been here, which is many many moons, we have seen nary a hare of a a rabbit within the Realm.  Mr. B tells stories of he and Lady D once in while of seeing a rabbit way out in the countryside.  He says they usually only see them once in a blue moon, usually  lying around on the sides of the wide long black roads and sometimes laying right in the middle of the roads if you can believe that.

You may notice the phrase once in a blue moon is in the color pink, that is because this is one of the bits of wisdom dispensed by “The Rock” that we like to call Rockisms.  A Rockism is a phrase that usually has some deep meaning.   It is something you would be better off if you kept it stored in your brain for easy reference because in most situations when you need to solve a problem or a dilemma there is a Rockism to help lead you down the right path.

So once in a blue moon is a Rockism which means something that happens, an event for example, that does not happen very often.  The definition of a Blue Moon is a full moon which appears twice in the same calendar month.  They are also called a Harvest Moon because these were highly regarded by farmers, especially during harvest time and when the nite sky was clear of clouds, they could work all nite long gathering their crops by the light of the moon.  As you can imagine this does not  happy very often.

Rock thinks that it would be a good idea to keep track of this Rockisms so keep an eye out for a page to the right when you want to refresh your memory on tidbits of The Rock’s words of advise.


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