B's Pizza

Although there are no complaints about the food, the word is out that a dietician may be needed soon!
Or the return of Lady D!


I was looking at Curacao Videos on you tube and found one that does justice to our beautiful beaches:

Curacao Beaches Caribbean – YouTube.

Looks more like Poo Pie

Mr. B has started a new project to prepare for the upcoming football season, to prepare for this he has recruited to of his old buddies Marty and Simon!


So some friends of ours got us some Bird of Paradise seeds while they were traveling in Portugal so this morning Lady D and I prepared to plant the seeds.  We set up all the seed pots and filled them with a nice special potting mixture and I had all the pots lined up for seeding because Lady D has the magic touch.  She opens the rather large seed package and…

Bird of Paradise seedsTalk about PRESSURE!  The future of Portuguese Bird of Paradise on the Island of Curacao is in Lady D’s hands.  Game On!  Thank you Michael and Diane we are up to the challenge and will keep all of you apprised.

PS: The other 12 seed pots I had prepped now contain banana peppers, green beans (from our own bean plants) and i think another pepper type.

We had not seen The Rock for at least a week and not even his usual signs.  Sure enough Dhel just found him beside the treadmill and a huge pile, I cannot believe it.  He must of just snuck in because i did 3.5 miles on the tread mill this morning and neither he nor his gift was there.  How he can sneak into the house while Dhel and I have been here all day, me outside and her in is just amazing.


Mr. B

Our Green Beans

Jack is not the only one with magic beans, we bought a couple small green bean plants for the Realm and planted them and they grew ok and produced a few long beans but not enough for a casserole.  So we dried the beans and planted them and in one day they broke dirt, in three days the were several inches tall and this was a little after a month:

Words cannot describe how good home made muffins made from your own bananas.  These were made from the last bunch we harvested from the grassy plains of Tuturutu.

Went to the beach for some fun and sun and when we returned I walked into the master bedroom and stepped in a gift from the rock.  Upon looking around there were 4 piles of gifts from him.  It did not take much searching to find him hiding in a corner, who knows how long he was in the bedroom could of been one day or several because we go day or even weeks without seeing him.  One thing for sure is he was holding alot in him.

Needless to say The Rock is again banned to the Western Lands of Tuturutu.

Once again banned to the Western Lands of Tuturutu